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Xanax withdrawal is painful and confusing because xanax withdrawal heightens the symptoms that the user was trying to suppress to begin with. Xanax withdrawal can create anxiety as the mind races in reaction to not getting xanax. The brain adapts and adjusts to any prescription drug and quickly begins to adjust back when it is taken away as in xanax withdrawal. The brain which was sedated and calmed by xanax now begins to race too fast causing anxiety and xanax withdrawal can cause anxiety more intense than originally experienced. This effect on the brain is one of several very serious complications of xanax withdrawal which is why it is critical that xanax users stop taking the drug under the medical supervision and assistance of a qualified rehabilitation facility like Spencer Recovery Centers.

Xanax is a benzodiazepine which is a central nervous system depressant used to treat anxiety disorders, panic attacks and insomnia. To minimize the effects of xanax withdrawal, the prescription should always be followed per doctors supervision and dosage. Unfortunately one of the major dangers of xanax and all central nervous system depressants like barbiturates and valium, is that they have a high propensity for addiction.

This happens when the individual does not feel he or she is getting the desired effect of the drug and takes more of it to achieve the effect. The body has an amazing ability to adapt to increasing amounts of the drug through a process called tolerance. The same way the body accepts increasing amounts of the drug over time, it takes at least the same amount of time to ease the body off of xanax once you decide to quit.

Just stopping cold turkey is nearly impossible as the body revolts by experiencing twitching, seizures and loss of appetite. The most dramatic occurrence due to xanax withdrawal is the overcompensation of the brain. After spending days, weeks, months or even years suppressing brain function for a calming effect, the brain can feel like it is spinning out of control leading to a lack of mental clarity, reduced concentration and extreme sensitivity to noise or bright lights.

This withdrawal process is extremely uncomfortable to those experiencing it that it is easy to give up and continue taking the drug rather than suffer with xanax withdrawal. Blurry vision, diarrhea and loss of smell feel very serious when suffered and become big deterrents to quitting.

This is precisely why Spencer Recovery Centers offers medically supervised detoxification programs to make xanax withdrawal as comfortable as possible. With both pharmaceutical therapy and behavioral therapy, our clients are treated with the best of both treatments as the mind and the body are eased into recovery.

If you have suffered from xanax withdrawal you may already understand that it is a condition beyond your control. Your mind and body have physically changed making it nearly impossible to return to normal without doctors supervision. Xanax withdrawal due to addiction explains why otherwise normal members of society find themselves breaking the law, juggling several doctors at once or even faking prescriptions in order to get more xanax. This vicious cycle always ends in disaster for the individual and his or her loved ones.

Call Spencer Recovery Centers today to explore your options. You'll be happy to know that continuing to suffer as you do does not have to be an option.





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